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Take control of your packets.

Make managing network data easy!

Take control of your most valuable source of network and application data.


Instead of spending all your time searching for the right capture files, use CloudShark's filtering, sorting, searching, and tagging abilities to find the pcap you're looking for, and get on with your work.

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Stay focused on your analysis by staying in your web browser. There's no large files to download, or slow software to launch - and CloudShark's web enhanced analysis tools raise the bar on what you can do with data.

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Stop doing the same analysis over and over again - save and share your analysis with others by sending them a URL. They can pick up right where you left off, and see exactly what they need to see.

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SIP and VoIP analysis

The ability to apply advanced web technologies to SIP call analysis increases your ability to provide high quality VoIP service wherever and whenever it is needed by quickly and easily collaborating on one of your most critical assets: packet captures.

CloudShark makes it easy to collect SIP call traces from customers around the world, share analysis of call quality issues or dropped calls, and provide proof of SLA compliance.

"CloudShark makes it much easier to say, 'Hey, this is what's going on here' and share that information across our team. It has significantly reduced our mean time to resolution, and that has saved us time, money, and headaches." Daryl Jurbala, Director of Network Architecture at TalkFree

Cyberdefense and Security

Packet analysis is the last line of defense in the demanding world of network security.

Whether rooting out site attacks, intrusion detection, or data interception, CloudShark adds valuable collaboration and organization to your list of weapons in the constant battle against cyber criminals.

"With CloudShark we tag and comment on PCAPs in an indexed repository that allows both our team and our automated systems to make use of packet capture data easily and more efficiently than ever before. Collaborative analysis has changed the way we do things." Yonathan Klijnsma, Security Specialist at Fox-IT

Everyday Network Analysis

Whether you are troubleshooting a web application for your customers, or maintaining a high quality IT infrastructure for retail, government, utilites, manufacturing, or education, CloudShark is the right fit for any network.

Speed up and enhance your day to day packet analysis and get that MTTR down.

It's priceless. What used to take 10-30 minutes now takes only seconds to do. CloudShark has taken a big bite out of the tedious process of wire level network analysis. Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and Co-Founder of Catchpoint

Do you use Cisco Meraki devices in your network?

CloudShark Appliance is closer than you think!

CloudShark is a proud partner in the Cisco Meraki ecosystem. If you are already a Cisco Meraki customer, you can stream network traffic captures directly from your Meraki Cloud Dashboard straight into your CloudShark Appliance.

Learn more about how CloudShark Appliance and Meraki work together.

Which CloudShark Appliance is right for you?

Choose from 3 different sizes — perfect for everyone from individuals to large companies.

  • Solo
  • Perfect for individuals or solo setups
  • Run as a VM in your network
  • Single user account
  • 1499
  • Professional
  • Share files and analysis with small teams
  • Deploy via VM or turn-key hardware
  • Add up to 5 users
  • Group users together
  • 3499
  • Enterprise
  • Complete access for everyone in your organization
  • Integrated LDAP/AD authentication
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • LDAP/AD defined groups
  • Custom protocols with optional dev-kit
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About CloudShark Appliance

CloudShark Appliance is made by QA Cafe, a technology company based in Portsmouth, NH. Our passion for packet captures has grown out of our other product CDRouter.

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